MobileSolar – sun & innovation. 

Mobile Solar differs from other solar systems companies in that it strives for constant innovation, with the goal of making it easier for users to choose, use and manage solar systems. 

Our products find application in a wide range of activities in agriculture.

We have developed and are constantly developing solar systems in the fields of AGRICULTURE, such as mobile and stationary solar pump systems.

We provide innovation in the application of renewable energy sources with the aim of reducing yours costs in agriculture and simplifying actions such as irrigation management.

Our mission and vision are the satisfaction of every client while reducing your costs, and by constantly investing in quality and innovation, we want to make the world a cleaner and more beautiful place.

Let SUN be your only fuel!

No Noise Pollution

Unlike most alternative irrigation systems, our systems are not loud and as such do not pollute the environment with noise.

Saves Money

Our clients have saved millions on the cost of irrigating the irrigation system. The biggest savings come from the fact that you will never have to pay for fuel to irrigate your fields again.

Increases Yields

Irrigation increases the yield of certain crops up to 128%. Our irrigation systems work great for everyone who wants the most innovative as well as the most affordable option.

Eco Friendly

In the 21st century everyone is looking out for our environment. So do your customers! Research shows that eco-friendly producers manage to have lower costs as well as sell their products for higher prices.

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