A W-CUBE solar pump is a pump that as a power uses electricity obtained from the sun via solar panels.
To farmers water can be a significant cost, especially if it has to be delivered to remote locations, but these considerable costs can be greatly reduced. 

Our solar pumping systems after initial investment they reduce the cost of water pumping to zero. They can be placed on any pasture, and wells, lake, streams can be used as a source of water. The system is complete automated and independent of fuel, electricity and human labor. The pump turns itself on with the first rays of the sun and pumps water until fills the tankk.



The sensors monitor the water level and allow the pump to shut down when the tank is full. Also, the system has protection against dry running, and in case the water in the well runs out, the system shuts down, and when the level rises again, the system resumes operation. In case that in the middle of using the water level drops, the system automatically replenishes the tank
System do not require your presence on pasture when feeding livestock.
     Special low-voltage solar pumps, which in addition to supporting all-day operation without fear of overheating, also have an extremely long lifetime.

Our solar pump systems are completely MODULAR and if after a while you decide to install BATTERIES, all you have to do is "plug in" the required module.  




At W-CUBE systems we use special low-voltage pumps, which, in addition to supporting all-day operation without fear of overheating, also have an extremely long lifetime.

For the INSTALLATION of the system you need about 10 minutes. The system comes pre-assembled and with instructions on a 2000x1000mm pallet, and all you have to do is assemble the bracket and to the construction attach.
The pump and electronics that come to you already connected.


   ✔ Extremely low operating costs
After the installation of the system, there are no additional fuel costs and human labor and the presence required by conventional pump systems, but our system is fully automated and independent of the human factor.

✔ Low maintenance costs
W-CUBE solar pumping systems, unlike conventional ones, have fewer mechanical parts and therefore the chances of failure are lower. 

Simplicity and reliability
They are very useful in remote locations where there is no access to the power grid, since the solar systems can be installed in any location regardless of the type of terrain and its automation does not require human involvement.

Since solar irrigation systems for operation use solar energy, there is no noise or exhaust fumes as with conventional diesel pumps and generators.

✔ Economically viable
Return on investment (depending on previous irrigation costs) is possible in the first year.